Profile ~ Cynthia Deans (Principal Consultant)

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Profile ~ Cynthia Deans (Principal Consultant)

Post by Cynthia Deans on Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:31 pm

Cynthia is the managing consultant of rogenSi’s Singapore business, as well as working with clients across rogenSi’s LEAD, CHANGE and GROW practice areas.

Cynthia’s 25+ years in the corporate environment, combined with excellent facilitation and professional development skills, allows her to effectively coach and encourage high performance from individuals with a variety of backgrounds and business environments. With a voracious appetite for learning, Cynthia spends a great deal of time researching business trends and dynamics, with a vision to enhancing her clients' success.

A sought after presenter, Cynthia’s engaging and dynamic delivery style encourages spirited involvement by participants resulting in greater retention and application outside of the development and coaching environment.

Cynthia brings the following to client engagements:
- Effective leadership, management and coaching / mentoring experience
- Strong strategic thinker, planner and implementer
- Solid communication skills – highly empathetic
- Extensive range of development expertise

Prior to joining rogenSi, Cynthia held senior, regional management roles in Strategy, Customer Service, Consulting and Program Management across a number of industries including IT, Finance & Insurance, Professional Services and FMCG. Most recently, Cynthia was the Head of Strategy, Technology Services, for Insurance Australia Group, Australia’s largest general insurer.

Cynthia Deans
RogenSi Pte Ltd
T: + (65) 6321 9102
F: + (65) 6321 8992
M: + (65) 8188 2441
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