Pitching to Win Business

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Pitching to Win Business

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The RogenSi Pitching To Win Business Program provides individuals and pitch teams with planning, preparation and face-to-face persuasive skills to significantly increase their success rate when pitching for major bids and projects. It combines a rigorous and proven planning process with the highest level of creative face-to-face skills to make pitch teams stand out from competitors in high-stakes situations.

Challenges Addressed
Managing tenders and submissions
Winning new business opportunities
Protecting existing customer business from competitor activity

Outcomes / Business Benefit
Participants will:
Develop a transferable process designed specifically to increase their organisation’s pitching success
Learn a common language and consistent approach to pitching
Understand how to prioritise effort
Have access to a wider range of influencing behaviours to persuade potential clients
Be motivated and confident in their ability to manage the pitching process
Understand the right questions to ask potential clients that will optimise success
Increase their understanding and appreciation of the complexities of successful deals

Key Components
Understanding the pitch process
Developing a pitch strategy
Targeting and qualifying prospective clients
Developing team action plans
Creating tailored organisational credentials
Developing a persuasive and focused pitch document
Influencing stakeholders throughout the pitch process
Rapport building, probing and listening skills
Developing a pitch presentation
Pitching as a team

Who Should Attend
Anyone who manages pitch teams or is involved in pitching to clients for high stakes mandates and contracts.

3 days for a maximum of 6 participants

RogenSi Consultants also provide pitch consulting services for live high-stakes bids and pitches. For more information please contact us on 1800 797 447.

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