Fundamentals of Negotiation

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Fundamentals of Negotiation

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Overview What makes a successful negotiator? It requires a combination of knowledge, skills, techniques and most importantly…confidence.
This program is designed to introduce participants to the fundamental skills behind planning & preparation for a negotiation. It also introduces participants to specific communication skills required for effective negotiation

Challenges Addressed
Achieving a win/win outcome, via a principled approach to negotiating
Understanding the underlying principles of negotiation
Building self-awareness of your negotiation style
Discovering the negotiation ‘road map’
Building common ground and identifying potential sticking points
Using the skills and techniques to bargain and trade
Maintaining control, reaching agreements and locking-in concessions

Outcomes / Business Benefit
Participants will:
Learn to plan for negotiation situations.
Role-play realistic scenarios to practice skills and receive feedback and tips
Enhance their understanding of the dynamics of negotiation
Become aware of the behaviours that get in the way of success
Develop a range of negotiation-specific communication skills
Experience a range of negotiation activities from role-plays to intense exercises that build skills and self-awareness
Be more confident when next faced with a negotiation challenge

Key Components
Understanding negotiation, its dynamics and underlying principles
Qualities of an effective negotiator
Preparing for a negotiation
Bargaining & concession trading
Reaching agreement and closing effectively
Planning tools and support frameworks & materials
Highly experiential workshop – role plays and numerous activities

Who Should Attend
Any individual who has attended the Influencing Skills Program and are looking to develop their negotiating skills. Learning to negotiate with confidence is a life skill.

1 day for 6-10 participants

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