Extraordinary Leader – 360° Leadership Survey Tool

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Extraordinary Leader – 360° Leadership Survey Tool

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Extraordinary Leader is a powerful approach for moving leaders from good to great. The ability to
lead, far more than just a natural gift, is a concrete and learnable skill – one that can be acquired by
studying and applying specific proficiencies and attitudes. Extraordinary Leader draws on solid
research and responses from 200,000 questionnaires to define the skills that comprise effective
leadership. We then provide a systematic and innovative program for attaining, developing and
implementing those skills for your leaders.

The Extraordinary Leader 360° Survey and Workshop
Completion of the 360° leadership survey for each participant is usually a four week process prior to
the debrief workshop. This allows for participants to collect enough data from their manager, peers
and direct reports.
During the one day debrief workshop your leaders will be provided with a context for leadership and
the impact Extraordinary Leadership has on business results. They will receive their 360° feedback
reports and are debriefed on the results. They spend time developing a personal development plan
which will be the compass for their future leadership development.
We also highly recommend one hour to half day coaching sessions to provide follow-up on plans
over the 3 months following the workshop.

The Zenger Folkman Research for Extraordinary Leader
Extraordinary Leader is based on solid research by Zenger Folkman using over 20 years of data on
what makes extraordinary leaders. Key facts include:
Spent two years researching the impact of leadership performance and the key behaviours that great leaders demonstrate.
They used a data set of 200,000 evaluations on 20,000 people.
From their research they found the behaviours that contrasted the highest performing leaders (10%) to the lowest performing leaders (10%).
The behaviours not only told them what high performing leaders did right, but also what low performing leaders did wrong.
The result of this research has been new insights that change the way we think about leadership development fundamentally.

The research proves effective leadership impacts bottom line results:
Good leaders achieve more than poor leaders but great leaders can produce a 2 x impact on many outcomes.
Building leadership strengths will substantially influence the perception of leadership effectiveness.
Not all behaviours are created equal – some are more noticeable than others.
Non-linear development is a new approach to change that provides a unique path to developing strengths.
To become extraordinary, leaders must practice leadership.

As a result of this research, Extraordinary Leader:
Adopts a strengths-based approach which dramatically improves results from training as participants are more motivated to work on those areas they enjoy and at which they excel.
Does not dictate that leaders are superheroes but should rather aim to develop 2 or 3 profound strengths.
Identifies those weaknesses that have the potential to derail leaders and undo the good work of their strengths.
Provides a competency framework for developing greater leaders.
Encourages a ‘cross-training’ approach i.e. working on companion competencies.

Extraordinary Leader Differentiating Competencies

Displaying high integrity and honesty.

Personal Capability
Technical/professional expertise.
Solving problems and analysing issues.
Practices self-development.

Focus on Results
Drive for results.
Establishes stretch goals.
Taking initiative.

Interpersonal Skills
Communication powerfully and prolifically.
Inspires and motivates others to high performance.
Building relationships.
Developing others.
Collaboration and teamwork.

Leading Strategic Change
Developing strategic perspective.
Championing change.
Connects to the outside world.

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