Profile ~ Jacqueline Haines (Consultant)

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Profile ~ Jacqueline Haines (Consultant)

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:32 am

British by birth, Jacqueline has lived and worked in Japan for 16 years. She is fluent in Japanese and has a deep knowledge of Japanese culture and business environment.

Jacqueline worked for 13 years as a Japanese Equity fund manager with 2 major international financial groups and prior to that was a Japanese equity analyst in a UK Investment Bank. She has researched a wide range of companies and has thus had the opportunity of meeting with many top executives and gained a good grasp of different business models.

Raised in France and Luxembourg, Jacqueline is also fluent in French and has a good command of German and understanding of Dutch. Her linguistic skills and diverse cultural knowledge have led to her success in working in international settings. Jacqueline has often been called upon to act as a liaison between local teams and international clients and management.

As a Senior Portfolio Manager, good presentation and marketing skills were a vital part of her role. Through her experience of thousands of company meetings,interviews and presentations, Jacqueline knows that without proper presentation and marketing, good prospects, work and advice can be over looked or under-estimated.

Jacqueline gained a Japanese Language Bachelors degree with Korean as a minor subject from London University’s School of African and Oriental Studies. She then studied accounting and finance and was awarded the Diploma from the Investment Management Regulatory Organisation.

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