Presentation Skills – 2 Day Program

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Presentation Skills – 2 Day Program

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:36 pm

The rogenSi Presentation Skills Program aims to provide you with the knowledge and practical experience to confidently and effectively communicate to an audience in a face-to-face situation.

The two day program combines data, exercises and practise to give each participant an understanding of why certain presentations and techniques work better than others and knowledge of how to present persuasively to achieve predetermined goals.

Throughout the program, participants continually practise the skills they learn, and receive unbiased, open feedback from the facilitator and other participants.

Key Components
Presentations – On both days of the rogenSi Presentation Skills program, you’ll make several presentations. Your facilitator and other participants critique each presentation, which gives you an indication of your strengths and weaknesses. All presentations are videotaped, which allows you to measure your improvement over the time.

Communication definitions and components – You’ll learn key components of communication, which will give you a new perspective on getting your message across to an audience.

Structure – You’ll learn how to use rogenSi’s unique organisational flow charts, which show you how to organise your ideas for presentations in a timesaving, informative, persuasive manner. The charts let busy people map-out a presentation in minutes, while ensuring it has a strong objective and is convincing.

Audience and listener analysis – By studying different styles of people and their personalities, you’ll learn how to determine the type of audience you’re addressing. With this knowledge, you can more effectively tailor your message to an audience.

Planning a tailored presentation – You’ll learn the difference between “features” and “benefits” of products or services, and how you can develop a tailoring strategy that ensures a persuasive, convincing presentation.

Delivery Skills – We’ll discuss the importance of eye contact, voice, movement, gestures and body language. You will be coached in each of these areas so that you can effectively present to groups in a comfortable dynamic and natural fashion.

Visual Aids – Visual aids make a presentation informative and persuasive. You’ll learn how to integrate visual aids with your presentation to assist with the communication of key ideas, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Communication exercises – On both days you’ll practice eye contact exercises, effective movement and gestures, and voice modulation. This leads to enhanced awareness of your physical actions and increases the comfort and confidence level when standing before an audience.

By the end of rogenSi Presentation Skills, you’ll have a clear understanding of the power and persuasion of a specifically tailored, flexible presentation and feel much more confident about presenting in front of an audience.

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